Tuesday, December 22, 2009

worst car ever

The East German built Trabant is often called the worst car ever. You probably have never heard of one if you live outside of Germany, but in 30 years over three million were sold. It featured a tiny 500-600cc two stroke motor (yes, you had to add oil every tank of gas) and only 20hp. It barely got over 30mpg so you could imagen there wasn't alot of Pros to this little bucket.

There's somewhat a following for these cars. I've seen a number of them lately sitting low or modded nicely. There's a way to make anything cool if you try hard enough. I think Rat Style or Hood Ride fits these cars best since they are grimey and not much to look at. I like this green one. The wagon is definately my favorite of the Trabant models. I saw put a B series in it and call it a day.

more info on the terrible Trabant - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trabant

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