Monday, January 4, 2010

bday wishes

I just got back from Vegas the other day for New Years and yesterday was my Birthday. I've been super busy having a great kick off to the new year. I appreciate the homies that came through to chill at the crib the yesterday, and Tre for swinging through on his way in from Riverside a couple days ago. Thanks to everyone for the Bday wishes also! I'm about to head out in a bit to hang out with my brother I only get to see every couple of months. Once again thanks everyone for a good Birthday!

I always have to post a pic to keep things going. So here's a GT30r power 2.0 liter Tuscani (tiburon) from Korea. I forget the power numbers exactly, but it was impressive. These motors make awesome power like 4g63's (similar in some ways in design also), but Tiburons make the same HP numbers on less boost. Check out the wheel fitment also. It's pretty common in Korea to have nicely fitted wheels. In alot of ways their tuning scene reflects that of Japan's.

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