Sunday, January 10, 2010

old Gen, new Gen

The Tiburon has been one of those cool, affordable cars available from 03 to 09 in the GK platform to the states. I've owned a 05 GT and currently a 07 GS for daily drivers. I came back to the Tiburon once again because I really missed the 05 I had. It was one of the smoothest, funnest, easiest, most realiable cars I've owned. You could really just drive it. It was easy to drive quick too. I never did more than a few mods to it, and I wish I had gone all the way with it to be honest. I do have more plans for the 07 I currently have, but I guess we'll see which of my fleet takes the money first.

This is currently my favorite Tiburon around. He didn't need to do anything super flash, or have the most ballin wheels out there. He worked more on the right stance and fitment. I love his current setup, but his next one will be even crazier. I believe he has some WORK meisters and custom flares on the drawing board for this year. I'm excited to see the outcome!

In came the new boy. This isn't exaclty considered the Tiburon replacement because they have plans to bring the new body Tiburon out again in a couple of years. I guess they wanted to give the Genesis a proper chance at the affordable coupe market without having the Tiburon sitting on the same lot at a much cheaper price.

The Gencoupe has been making big waves in the states and around the world frankly. Seoulfulracing's owner from Seoul, Korea moved to the states last year and opened up a 2nd division of his online race shop. He was known for his extremely clean, turbo'd 2.0 Tuscani (tiburon) that made 400whp I believe. He bought a new Genesis coupe when he landed in the USA and this is the outcome. My favorite Genesis stateside currently.

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