Tuesday, April 20, 2010

canon addiction

I'm a hardcore Canon camera guy down to bones. I once bought a Sony camera and was completely disappointed despite the specs that should've turned out better. I've been getting the photography itch soooo bad lately. The last fun camera I had was the Canon G9. They are up to the G11 now, but you can't deny the quality you can get with even really old Canon digital cameras. I've been doing alot of research lately and you'd be suprised at what people are doing with less megapixels than you've probably had in years. I have a few cameras in mind right now... I'll be picking up at least two pretty soon. I have another G series in mind if I can find the right deal. Now is the time to check Ebay for this stuff. There's no point in getting a new one right now. I guess it's pretty easy to buy a big bad camera these days and become a "pro" in a matter of weeks, but I like to try a little harder. I like some of the older style photos also.

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