Wednesday, May 26, 2010

getting ready

Everyone I've been talking to lately is super pumped about Hellaflush 5 at Venice Beach. I know a number of people that have fit buying wheels into their budget just for the meet. There's people coming from a number of different states. I'm getting more and more pumped about this everyday.

I have a couple of new random stupid parts. I figured I needed at least one new thing for HF5. I ordered up a set of gold BLOX lugs. I'm going to take the centercaps off the current wheels also. The lugs minus the caps will give the wheels a little more pop.

I had this Detka (braille) lightweight battery sitting around for a few months. I decided to finally order some terminals for it the other week. I'm deciding when I should put this in. It isn't going to realy help me on my drive to work stoplight to stoplight, and I don't pop my hood at meets.

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