Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've been putting together a few things I need for the STI lately. I still need to order some parts. It's amazing no matter how far you get along there is always something else. Like for example I have to smog my car this year. That's always a chore with a modded car.

I'm going to get some SPC camber bolts for the front of the car tomorrow. I need like -0.3 more camber to tuck the fronts a little more so I can go lower and still turn.

The rear Toyo's are pretty well worn out also. I just go new fronts last month. Now the rears are pretty close to being gone also. This pic was from a couple of months back. So you could imagen they are pretty bald now.

Oh yeah... and I also need a pair of new spacers for the rear because I stripped a stud using a bad lugnut. My rear pads have been worn out for a while also. So it's definately time to get those done. I also need a new allignment to finish everything off. I think I'll be pretty much done after that, and then I can focus on some things I actually want to do. Like get a decent radio that I can use my Ipod on.

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