Monday, August 30, 2010


All I wanted to say is bike racks, roof racks, board racks, etc etc are plain stupid as an accessory item. Soo many folks in the fitment community think it looks dope to have a rack on with stickers all over the windscreen cause they saw another car with it. It does not elevate your cars cool factor at all. In fact it makes it look like a kids clown car. You know how I know it's played out and annoying? The first thing a newb says that joins a fitment forum is they are going to save up for some dope shizzy wheels, a sick drop, and throw a bike rack on with some stickers all over it. I'd like to officially say it is still cool to have a clean ride folks. Please stop faking the funk and buying a rack and a neon colored BMX or Fixed gear bike that you can't even ride because you think it adds fasion to your ride.

Sorry to the people that actually ride bikes or other things that needs a rack on their car. I'm also sorry to the first handful of people that had racks on with stickers because it was original... you had a good thing going. Now it's just wack.

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