Wednesday, October 20, 2010

celica supra

I'm currently working on my friend's new Celica/Supra. It is extremely clean and all original. It may be the best stock example I've seen stateside. I'm helping him sort out the suspension so he can get is sitting lower and performing well. These cars came extremely soft from the factory. The next step after that will of course be wheels, and then we'll start working on more power. I hoping to get the car looking as clean as the one below.

Turns out the guy who owns the Celica above is a real douchenozzle. I posted a newer pic of it on Hellaflush. A few comments were made that the guy is a real jerk, and he will probably flip out when he sees this pic posted because he hates his car being posted online.

Check it out here on Hellaflush - Celica 2.8i

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