Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'09 favorites: S chassis

I had to do three picks for my favorite S chassis' of 2009. One for each of the most popular made versions. The S13, S14, and S15 have become iconic cars in the drifting and wheel fitment community. I've always preferred the clean factory body lines with subtle aero changes, wheel fitment, and a stout drop.

Henry's S13 out of the Bay Area was my favorite S13 for a while. I saw it in person at Hellaflush in Burlingame, and I've been hooked on it ever since. I remember he was selling it sometime this year. It may be in a new owners hands now, but Henry's S13 still remains one of the cleanest examples stateside of a S13.

There's nothing over the top about Mikey's S14, but to me it's perfect. The wheel fitment is spot on. The drop is epic (I hate that word). It's rare to see grey S14's also. No large bodykits needed here. Just alot of turns down on the coilovers will do the trick.

I ask God when I pray every night why Nissan didn't bring the S15 to the states. Along with the FD RX7 I believe it has some of the cleanest factory lines of any car built. I would trade in my STI instantly for one. This one was built for someone that passed away. It's a fundraiser project that helps raise money at car shows and charity events for a number of charities. A group of friends built and maintain this car to what it is now. I love white cars, S15's, and Work 3 piece wheels... so what better combo than this.

That sums it up for my three favorite S chassis vehicles of 2009. I would drive any one of these cars. The S13 and S15 in particular stand out the most to me. Those are my favorite bodystyles for the Nissan S lineup.

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