Tuesday, December 29, 2009

evo power: part 2

I was driving down one of the main streets in Venice the other day, and randomly parked on the side of the road was a full Voltex widebody grey EVO9 with bronze CE28's in a line of Prius', BMW's, and Benz's like you normally see. It was so out of place yet so cool at the same time. It looked like a Voltex advertisement car was transplanted from Japan. It looked just like the EVO in the picture below but with Bronze CE28n's.

This is one of my favorite time attack action shots. It was taken at the world famous Tsukuba circuit in Japan. You are probably becoming more familiar with this track from videos like Option or newer video game driving simulators that feature Tsukuba.

Voltex holds all kinds of records around Japan and the world with their wind tunnel tested aero body kits. You probably will not be able to read much on their site, but if you start clicking around enough you'll find some nice pics. http://www.voltex.ne.jp/

Thanks to Derek for linking me to the post on EVOM! Now I found actual photos of the car I was talking about. I posted it up on Hellaflush for everyone to check out. Really really clean EVO.


  1. thats awesome i think this might be the car you saw, this thing is sick.. http://forums.evolutionm.net/evo-show-shine/208541-show-me-your-evo-roof-rack-18.html

    just scroll down the page a little

  2. Yep Derek that was the one... same bike rack and bike, I forgot about that. Pic was taken on the same day also. The same spot I saw it at. Crazy find! Thanks for showing me!

  3. oh and Earl I feel you.. I love my STI, but I really would like to have an EVO also. I don't think you can beat the STI for what I use it for though.

  4. yeahh it looks great on the streets. theres another good picture of it that ill try to find