Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Buell family

I feel like I grew up around motorcycles and cars. I remember being a young man going to the Harley shop often with my dad to buy new parts or check new models out. I built two Harley's before I even had a drivers license. My dad eventually got back to his racing roots and decided to stay with Harley but pick up a sportbike. Buell, if you didn't know, up until this year was a brand owned and operated by Harley Davidson. They used Harley sportster motors to power these nimble bikes. Buell's have been known for their short frames and superior handling. They also began using a one-off front brake design that is patented. I've preferred American motorcycles over the years. There is really nothing like an American built Vtwin engine. You can't replicate that sound that a Harley or Buell makes.

Anyways here's the Xb9s I am currently riding.

My dad just picked up his third Buell in a row. It's a 25th Anniversery model XB12R.

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