Sunday, December 13, 2009

christmas 2009: holiday gift guide

Well christmas 2009 is nearly here and like most of us I've barely started my holiday shopping. I've come up with a list of a few ideas for those that want something a little more than socks or a denny's gift card. These are things that I personally would find cool. So if you happen to get me one of these things I wouldn't return it.

$80 - Forza 3 limited edition: You should know by now guys love video game and most guys love cars. The standard edition Forza 3 would do fine, but this Limited Edition box set would be one of a kind.

$35 - Vans slip ons: These things never go out of style. Guys that wear these usually have them on until the soles are gone. So a new pair will always be right.

$40 - Snap-on Key holder: This will work for a variety of keys. A really cool item for any guy with that one special car.

$35 - New Era cap: Make sure to get one of their local area or team. I've always been into hats. You can never have enough of them to switch out day to day.

$50 - Men's Flanel button down: They are a little bit gangster, a little bit fresh. Depending on the guys style a thinner or baggier style Flanel will do the trick.

$40 - Credit card wallet: I never carry cash or more than a dub spot. So a credit card wallet to put your I.D, debit, or credit cards is the right fit.

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