Monday, December 14, 2009


A few threads have been popping up online lately titled "I see your illest, and raise you" ...I first saw it on the Fatlace forum which I help moderate. I showed Mark a link to the forum post. It was a chopped up version of the Fatlace "illest" sticker design, but it was worded to say "filthiest."

From there we found more info from the link supplied in the posters thread. They were also selling exact copies of the "illest" stickers online on their site House of Graphics and Ebay for profit. As you can see here, exact copies!

The real stuff is unfolding on stanceworks. Where there was he same "I see your illest, and raise you" thread, along with another thread asking how to get illest stickers. I've posted in all the threads I've seen so far so hopefully people get the point that it's not Okay for this guy to sell these. It's also illegal considering "illest" is a copyrighted logo.

I like this quote from wheelfetish on stanceworks:
New sticker idea:

"StanceWorks is not fooled by your fake ass illest stickers"

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