Tuesday, December 29, 2009

running around

I have this entire week off so I'm trying not to be completely a Bum everyday. I got out today around lunch time and did a few things I needed to. The much needed 99 Cent Only store run was a success as usual. If you don't have the real 99 Cent only store in your area then you are missing out. They sell a bunch of named brand stuff for 99 cent mixed in with the normal off brand stuff that you can find at other dollar stores. I usually go there before going to the grocery store. I can get eggs, bread, drinks, chips, etc... for way cheaper than the grocery.

My dog is always riding with me. I take him to my Mom's every morning before work. He's my Co-pilot.

Mom hooked me up with her super quick and super tasty grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

Fresh shot of the STI. It's been a while.

I have a fetish with air freshners and fabric freshners. I always wind up buying one or two no matter what.

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