Sunday, April 25, 2010

I need a Garage

I am sick and tired of not having a garage. Well I kind of do, but it's my apartment's garage thingy. My car can't make it in without ripping off the front and rear bumper even if it was raised. My friend's much higher WRX couldn't make it in without brutally scraping. My parents live pretty close to me, but they just sold their house so it'll probably be occupied in a matter of weeks/months. I usually do all my car related stuff over at their place. I'm trying to squeeze in a few much needed wrenching sessions on my car before it's too late. The good thing is my lease is up pretty soon so I'll be looking for something new. I really need at least a carport that my car will make it in and out of, but I'd love to have a little flat or garage that I could do basic stuff when I need to.

Something like this to dirty up would be great...

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