Saturday, April 24, 2010

wheel studs and spacers

I spent a couple hours today working on the rear fitment of my car. The original plan was for 15mm's in the rear and 20mm's in the front (fronts are 5mm less inward for whatever reason), but I wound up getting a killer deal on a set of 25mm's. I also wanted to step it up bigtime for the One of One show at Long Beach FD. I'm ready to go to a flush street setup so I ordered some 15mm's for the rear for the time being. The rears were super poking at the show, but still had a really good look with the tire still able to tuck in the fender. The 15mm adapter type spacers require the OEM studs to be trimmed on Subaru's and probably most cars. This isn't anything major if you are mechanically inclined. Just take your time and do it right!

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  1. so does spacers have built in studs? who makes does?