Tuesday, August 3, 2010

adventures of Josh

The last few days have been crazy and awesome. I drove up last friday to the Bay for HF BBQ by the Bay. I always try to go up early and stay and extra day or so to spend time with friends. I had a couple of free nights to take this month at the Palazzo in Vegas also. So after spending a couple of days in the Bay I drove back sunday to LA and then from LA to Vegas all in the same day. It was a very very long day, but I was excited to get out of town for a while. It so happened two of my good friends and their women were out there also. We got down on some great food as usual, and we checked out club XS at the Encore. I happy to be back in LA chillin in my room, but I love these quick trips up to the bay or out to Vegas. It really gives me a boost.

Here's some snaps from the days gone.

Driving Solo to the Bay.

My only meal while on the road.

The homey helped me out with a fresh detail. It looked crazy good.

Crossing the San Mateo bridge to the BBQ.

The OG skyline's got alot of attention at the BBQ.

It was really good to see Kenny's wagon back on the road after 4 years of being parked.

Looking down from the 41st floor making Ti look like a building block.

Dining at the Grand Lux Cafe.

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